What this Blog means to Me

What this Blog Means to Me

There are so many incredible blogs out there, it’s insane how we can share our ideas with one another at the touch of our fingers. We now know of bloggers making money through their videos and blog posts, and as much as I would love to make passive income, this blog is much more.

This blog means the world to me, not because of any monetary value, but because I can share my love and knowledge to everyone and anyone in the world. I have taken a strong step forward to be aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. How my actions make me feel, and how they impact others, whether I know it or not.

My goal with this blog is to truly touch the heart of those that are looking for the way. The way to a better mindset, a strong mindset, and a life filled with decisions we are actually proud of making. I have learned many things through self-help books, self-development courses, and mindset coaching videos.

I am not an expert, but where I was in 2017, I am nowhere near it, and I’m proud of myself for making the biggest change. This blog will cover many things in the skincare world, but I would love to focus more on self-care, growth, and the inner and deep desire to make a change in your lifestyle.

So if you want to join me in this amazing adventure of what I call “my life”, I promise to be authentic, natural, and true to you, because I have promised myself the same thing. So let’s kick the rest of 2019 in the butt, and get sh*t done!


Hey Babes! Welcome to my blog! I am an esthetician and entrepreneur and college student living in LA! I love all things skincare and beauty related! This is a page about skincare, wellness, personal growth + lifestyle. I’ll share my knowledge and inspiration to help create a beautiful lifestyle✨

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