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For the past 3 years, I chose Squarespace for my site. I had my previous website hosted by GoDaddy and use WordPress as my site builder. However, I hated the idea of putting in the work, especially the technical work. 

So where am I now? I’m back at wordpress hosted by Siteground.

Let me break down the differences between the two, that way you can see what fits best for you!


What I love about squarespace:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable support through chat
  • Articles are up to date and very clear 
  • Templates are extremely simple and pretty customizable (to an extent)
    • You can buy templates from third party sellers, but they are EXPENSIVE

What I didn’t love

  • You had to upgrade to get certain features, which seemed like basic features to me.
  • Some templates didn’t have the option to be completely customizable
  • Squarespace takes forever to load or changes to reflect right away 
  • The price of a personal plan is $144, which is what I had. Then I upgraded to the business plan for $216 a year. 

*sites that sell squarespace templates 


What I love:

  • Pretty easy to use, especially with the help of youtube
    • If you need help setting up your site, look for a contractor through Upwork!

*here is a checklist for things you should ask when hiring a freelancer on Upwork

  • You can install your own template, and it’s not expensive! Templates range from $50-200 for bloggers
  • Once you have your site setup, you can install plugins to automatically take care of the site for you, this may cost additional if you need premium features, but most of the plugins also have free versions that work really well.
  • WP is seriously customizable! You can use Elementor as your designer or install a UX builder to help customize the site easier. (Elementor is a cool drag and drop plugin, but may not work well with all themes, make sure to do the research or ask your designer)

Things I do not love:

  • No one likes change, but this is so far the best decision I have made.
  • WP does not automatically have a drag and drop feature, which I think is important! I think more people would go to WP if they had a drag and drop feature that could be toggled on or off.
  • WP is more technical

*Sites with WP templates I love

Why did I make the switch?

  1. I was starting to hate the Squarespace layout. I couldn’t do certain things unless I upgraded and that annoyed me the most. 

I currently pay $119 a year to host 5 websites (technically my plan is unlimited)!

I can use the free templates from WP if I want or create my own layout, completely custom! This can save you so much money. 

*a free template I like is the Astra Starter Templates plugin, they have so many free templates!

  1. Sites like squarespace and Blogger host YOUR site on their hosting platform. After reading a ton of forums, so many bloggers report their site being taken down without warning because it went against community guidelines. 

If a company is hosting your website, they are within their rights to take down content or your site if it goes against their guidelines. This can also impact your brand sponsorships as well. 

Final Note:

It would be the best investment to host your site with Siteground and possibly hire a freelance web designer if you don’t have the time to set it up yourself. I had this done for one of the sites I manage, and it’s the best investment! 

Look for templates or style, and ask how much it would cost for them to install that template. It’s not the installation you’re paying for, it’s customizing the template after you install it. That stuff takes a while. 


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