My Skincare routine 2019

On a daily basis, I get asked “what’s your skincare routine like?”
I’m here to tell you, it changes every season, but I always have my basics down.

My backstory

My skincare game drastically changed late March of 2018. Why? I was extremely stressed, unhappy with my situation at work, and I had poor eating habits because let’s face it, I am a compulsive eater.

I started breaking out like never before, and estheticians call this “hormonal breakouts”.
Hormonal breakouts can be treated, and in my opinion, can be cured if you really flip your lifestyle.


It takes time. Setting a regimen, and sticking to it will show you improvement in a week to 90 days. So learn to be patient. Scroll down to see what my holy grail products are!

“Learn to be patient”



  • Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser (here)  is gentle enough to cleanse the skin of makeup and oils.
  • Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica (here), gentle and effective. Only use a small amount!
  • I only exfoliate once a week, sometimes once in two weeks, but I will exfoliate my nose and chin area. I try to use less of any exfoliant where my hormonal breakouts are.


Face Oils (Noncomedogenic oils)


Of course, we know to add sunscreen to this routine, I won’t be adding my personal favorite sunscreen because I don’t have one just yet. I’m looking for the best mineral sunscreen that will not leave a white cast on my face.

My skincare routine is simple, I don’t like having a million products on my face because at one point, you’ve filled your pores and there’s only so much you can do. Depending on what your skincare goals are, you can alternate once a week with retinol, different serums, and face oils (different post about that later).


Personally, my goal is to get my skin barriers strong again. Any small change in diet or hormones will flare up my acne and that can be physically painful. Regardless, I’m learning to stress less (negatively) and live in the moment. It all happens for a reason.

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