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The term “Clean beauty” has been a source of confusion to me. Companies believe one or the other is bad with no room for middle ground. 

But Noorani has a different goal, to be a clean, natural and effective skincare brand. Did I mention this business is woman owned and it’s a small business? 

I was lucky to get some time to ask Noora, CEO and Founder of Noorani some questions! 

Why did you start Noorani?

 I’m someone who is very cautious with the products I use on my body and try to avoid using harsh ingredients. I’ve been mixing oils and ingredients for years and people often come to me for home remedies and suggestions especially for their skin. I finally decided to plan out an actual skincare line and just go for it! 

Long story short: Ingredients matter so much to me that, not only for me, but I want everyone to enjoy a safe and effective skincare line 

Why should people be aware of ingredients?

People should be aware of ingredients because the industry hasn’t always been transparent about what ingredients they are truly using and what the effects are (although things have greatly improved in the last few years) 

What is one way people can do better to shop for healthier products? 

People can pay more attention to the ingredients list and less attention to the marketing on the packaging. Get to know the products you enjoy every day and what they do for your skin. My opinion is that if it doesn’t do anything for your skin and isn’t completely necessary for the formula- you don’t need it!

Noora was kind enough to send me products to review, and I took more than 6 months to really review the products, and I love them! My favorite products are the face oils and spray mists! Take a look at her Etsy shop to purchase her products (here).

The Brightening Argan Oil 

  • Lightweight
  • A little goes a long way
  • Non Greasy 
  • Can be added to your moisturizer or applied directly onto the face

Pure Rosewater Mist

  • Refreshing
  • Hydrating
  • Naturally fragrant 

As an esthetician, I use medical-grade products but I also love natural products! My whole life was focused on finding natural alternatives for hair and skin care. I truly do recommend trying the products from Noorani, and I really hope you love them! 


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