2020 Desk Setup

My back injury made life a tad bit harder when I needed to study or do work. Looking down at a laptop or phone can have a strong impact on your neck and spine.

Here are some things I purchased to help me create the “desktop” setting without a desktop!

1. Laptop Stand – The stand is not foldable like others on the market, however, it’s great for a set location if you’re okay with leaving it at home. If you plan on taking this everywhere, I suggest a foldable stand like this.

2. Keyboard (wireless) – This Logitech wireless keyboard is ergonomically friendly, silent and can be taken everywhere. It is easy to set up the wireless connection, plus you don’t need to connect a USB to the laptop.  However, you will need to have batteries.

3. Amazon Basics Mouse – Simple and easy to setup. However, this product needs to be connected to the Laptop. I am looking for an affordable mouse that doesn’t need to be connected, but many of them are a higher price range. Currently using a USB-C adapter.


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