Air fryers have been the craze in 2020, and I didnt understand it until I finally purchased my own! To be honest, I use my air fryer often! Here are some air fryers I researched extensively about and I’ll share which one I ended up choosing and why. 

  1. Corsori

This air fryer is extremely popular for its easy menu options and clean look! 

2. Ninja Foodi  

This air fryer doubles up on work! You can make soups, stews, curries, pasta, and of course, you can air fry! 

3. Dash Air Fryer 

This air fryer is perfect for small spaces and for that person in your life who loves a pop of color! 


My final decision …

I had to choose the Ninja Foodi at the end of the day because of how versatile this product is! My husband and I use this to make almost every meal you can think of, and it serves as an awesome instant pot. As a college student who is on a budget and a time constraint, it’s very helpful. My next post will have more about affordable & quick recipes to use in an air fryer!


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