Clean & Effective Skincare Exists

The term “Clean beauty” has been a source of confusion to me. Companies believe one or the other is bad with no room for middle ground.  But Noorani has a different goal, to be a clean, natural and effective skincare…

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TOP Gentle Cleansers of 2020


5 Tips for Community College Students

This is for community college students preparing to transfer to a university, all from my experiences (pretty recent too). I am finally attending the school of my dreams,…

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Minimal Skin care Routine

My Minimal Skincare Routine   I was trying to use acids and exfoliators as a normal part of my routine…


Hey Babes! Welcome to my blog! I am an esthetician and entrepreneur and college student living in LA! I love all things skincare and beauty related! This is a page about skincare, wellness, personal growth + lifestyle. I’ll share my knowledge and inspiration to help create a beautiful lifestyle✨

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